The Mystery

Notes from Brandon Stewart taken from Champions Centre Monday Staff Meeting With Chris Caine

Today I sat in a staff meeting and heard some teaching that has had a big impact on my life. I mean huge. I have been in many services and conferences...and heard some of the world's best (and we have an incredible Pastor who brings us the best every week). But today was different. Today was timely. It was a Word in season for me, and I believe our Church. It put words to the way I see myself and ministry, but could never describe it.

Have you ever looked at a Church, or a person for that matter, and thought "Wow, God is really doing something incredible through that person." Every once in a while we encounter God doing something so big, that we don't know how to describe it. It is nothing less than the plan of God at work on the earth. It is a mystery.

For most of my time in ministry, I have been known to say that I will "spend the rest of my life serving another man's vision." It has been my attempt to communicate to people that I do not seek to be a Senior Leader (very common assumption in ministry....that everyone needs to have their own Church or ministry to be successful). I seek to be the greatest support leader that I can be. I have committed my life to serving, and doing what needs to be done.

Today this was taken to a new level. It is no longer enough. I will be a steward.

John 15:15 NIV (quite possibly my life's theme for this season)
"I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends (stewards), for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you."

Think of the last time you went into a small business, and experienced customer service. You can always tell a difference between a worker and the owner. A worker clocks in for their shift...does what is required...and punches out. No personal risk is necessarily involved. The owner, however, is much different. The owner is responsible for the success of the business. In fact, they cannot be successful unless the business is successful. They are invested. They are loyal. They have longevity. They are stewards over this business.

This is the life of a steward. It is a life of owning the vision, not just contributing to it. It is the place of longevity, accountability and submission. At times it is the place of sacrifice. But it is also the place of greatness. We have been given what I would consider to be the greatest commission known to "go and make disciples of all men." We're alive for the Cause of Christ. We're experiencing the mystery that God and man can be reconciled to each other...and it is up to us to see as many people brought to God as possible in our years on the planet.

I will not be known as someone who is passive about this commission. I will not take lightly the Work that we do for Christ. When the eyes of heaven are roaming throughout the earth, I want to be found as someone committed...passionate...and alive on purpose.

Some thoughts I wrote down today....
-A servant serves a vision, a steward owns the vision.
-A servant serves out of obligation or duty, a steward lives with passion and conviction.
-A servant focuses on a task, a steward focuses on fruitfulness and advancement.
-A servant learns obedience through restriction (a necessary step), a steward demonstrates obedience without restriction. They show voluntary submission and loyalty.
-A servant attends Church where is best for them...and serves where they want to serve. A steward serves where is best for the House/team.
-A servant has visible areas of responsibility, a steward is serving invisible assignments. No credit is necessary.

The vision of Champions Centre is my vision. I own it. The success of the Church and my personal success are inseparable. I will not seek personal success at the risk of a team defeat. But the opposite is true. I will die a thousand deaths if necessary to see the Church move forward. In a world where Christian leaders all over the world are imprisoned and tortured as they advance the Kingdom of God, I will give every ounce of my life to this Work. I will work, regardless if I get the credit. I will not pursue positions or titles. My goal is influence for the cause of Christ. To see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It is amazing to me that our ministries can have national and international influence. And at the same time, a person living just down the street may have never heard the name of Jesus or His Church. It means our job is not done yet! We've got to be busy. We are created for this. Regardless of your background, skills, qualification, or occupation...we're all in this together.

My question tonight...
Will this be our Church? Will we move from simply being servants of a vision to stewards of the Mystery that is Jesus and His Church? Will we do everything in our power to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God in our generation?

Let's be stewards over this great mandate.


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