God is NOT everywhere

by Kevin Gerald
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Okay, so people who are doing all the wrong things, they say to me, “Where is God?” And it’s like they assume that because God is on my present and they’ve heard [for example] that He’s here, and he’s also in Florida, and He’s also in Texas and He’s also in Europe… that God is everywhere. And the truth is [I’m realizing] that God isn’t everywhere.

For example, God is not in our stupid, and He’s not in our confusion and He’s not in our strife, and He is not in our doubts. So, I’m just thinking today that a lot of people need to wake up and realize that their experience is telling them [by way of experience] that God isn’t in what they’re doing.

Question is, “Where is God?” He’s in wisdom, God is in unity, God is in peace, God is in faith. He isn’t everywhere –He’s in the right places and you can find Him there.


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